Hot Trax® - Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

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Hot Trax® Epoxy Fortified Acrylic Concrete and Garage Floor Paint is a high performance, ready to use acrylic floor coating that resists hot tire pick-up and marring common to driveways and garage floors. This finish seals and protects concrete from chemicals, water, oil and grease. Hot Trax® is also ideal for use on exterior concrete, masonry, stucco, cinder block and brick. This durable low satin finish is resistant to cracking. This product can be walked on in 24 hours and vehicles can be parked on Hot Trax® in 5 – 7 days.

  • Water-Based Ready to Use Garage Floor Coating
  • Resists Hot Tire Pick-Up from Cars
  • Low VOC Formula
  • Soap & Water Clean-Up
  • Protects from Chemicals, Water, Oil & Grease
  • Durable Satin Finish
  • Fast Return to Service

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