Crocodile Cloth 10" x 15" Paint Wipes 100ct

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Crocodile Cloth Paint wipes are perfectly designed for painting surface prep. The large, durable and absorbent design makes them ideal for use for damp-dusting and removal of oils, adhesives and residues prior to painting. Safe on wood, metals and other surfaces.
  • Paint 100ct, 10" X 15" Cleaning Wipes. Large, Durable, Absorbent.
  • Easy way to clean up paint drips, caulk and more
  • Great for prepping surfaces to paint
  • Crocodile Cloth Paint Wipes stay moist longer and are uniquely designed to clean and prep paint surfaces, attacking messy drips, spills, splatters, grease, and sticky residues in one swipe.
  • Stays moist for a long time, 2yr never dry guarantee on package